The plane which carried members of the Chapecoense Real football team had crashed because it ran out of fuel, investigations have concluded.

The incident happened on the 28th of November, 2016. 71 people had died in the incident. The plane belonged to  Bolivia-based charter company, LaMia.

The result of the investigations was based on data from black box and other evidence, the Civil Aeronautics agency said in a statement. It added that the problems were not technical, but were of human errors.

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“No technical factor was part of the accident, everything involved human error, added to a management factor in the company’s administration and the management and organization of the flight plans by the authorities in Bolivia,” Colombia’s Secretary for Air Safety Colonel Freddy Bonilla told journalists.

Bonilla also added that the plane was also carrying more people than it should have, and was flying at an altitude it was not even certified to.

The pilot of the plane had repeatedly requested permission to land because of a lack of fuel. Another plane with a suspected fuel leak had been given priority, leaving the doomed flight to fly round in circles before it finally crashed.

There was no explosion when the plane crashed, confirming speculation that there was no fuel on the plane anymore.