The Islamic State continues to focus on threatening the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup, releasing threatening images and posters.

Last week, the terrorist body released an edited photo of Lionel Messi bleeding and behind bars.

They have taken it further this time, spreading a photoshopped image of Messi already executioned, and his former Barcelona teammate Neymar on his knees.

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isis ney

The tweet came from a pro-ISIS group and was shared by Iranian news site YJC who wrote: “ISIL’s threatening poster within a few months of the world cup Russia 2018. After Messi and the this time Neymar’s turn.”

Threats from the terror group continue to build in a bid to spread fear among football fans heading to the World Cup that will be held next year across 11 Russian cities.

With parts of Russia rife with ISIS supporters, authorities are taking the threats to the event seriously.