The Lagos state police has recovered the remains of a burnt robber who trended on social media weeks back, revealing more details about him.

Reports on social media had claimed that the boy was 7-year old and was lynched for stealing garri. The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, however revealed that he was much older, and had attacked another person with a machete during a robbery.

“In the course of the police investigation, it was discovered that the fellow that was lynched in the video was an adult,” Commissioner Owoseni said. “The police found his decomposing body in a canal somewhere in the Orile area. He was an adult of between 20 and 25 years.

“It was also found out that his gang members had been operating in the area for a while. Some of the gang members had, at one time or the other, been arraigned in court and through the judicial process of securing bail, found themselves out again.

“During this particular incident, the mob collected the machete from the suspect and attacked him. In as much as we condemn all acts of impunity and people taking laws into their hands, you will agree that what happened was a societal problem.

“It would not be charitable to put the blame on the police. It is a menace that all of us should fight. The police will continue to make arrests when crimes are committed,” Owoseni added.