Late Spanish billionaire Antonino Fernandez has made everyone in his hometown village a millionaire in his will, giving each person 2 million pounds.

Fernandez was born in the village of Cerezales del Condado in Spain, and lived there before moving to Mexico at the age of 32. In Mexico, he joined a company named Grupo Modelo, a brewery company which makes the highly popular Corona beer. He began as warehouse employee, and eventually rose the become the company’s CEO.

Under his guidance, Corona became the most popular beer in Mexico, and was hugely exported to countries such as the United States and Spain. Corona Extra currently reports annual sales of $693million (£556million), and is the second most imported beer to the United States.

Fernandez died at the age of 99 in August 2016 as a billionaire, and in his will, left £169 million to the 80 residents of Cerezales del Condado.

He also made provisions for a brand new cultural center to be built in the village.