Iconic reggae singer Majek Fashek has completed his rehabilitation, and is now focused on making music for his fans.

In a recent interview with Punch, Fashek revealed that he was born again, and thus had given up women, alcohol and drugs.

He said: “The change is that Majek Fashek is born again. I believe in Jesus Christ and you will see that in my new music. When one is born again, it means old things have passed away. I’m not interested in women, drugs, alcohol and other things like that. I’m only going to be concentrating on making good music for my fans.”

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His born-again status however doesn’t mean he’d be making gospel music.

He added: “My music is timeless and that’s why I’m a star in America. To make good music, it has to be timeless. I do not fit into any particular genre of music and it is God that gave me that gift. The music industry now is populated by young boys and I’m happy about that.”

Fashek already has an album in the works, titled Weep Not Children. The album is expected to be released this year.

He said on the album: “It took us more than two years and over N50m to make. We had to go to the studio every day with full instruments and band. We had to pay the musicians that worked with us per hour because it is a real production and not what is common these days. All the instruments were played live and it wasn’t a case of computer mixing. It went through a lot of process and we worked in about five different studios. Right now, the album is ready and it contains eight songs. It was supposed to be nine songs but one of the songs, We Are Not Afraid, is being used to raise funds to take care of some charity homes and for the fight against terrorism.”