Imams all over England sent out a strong message against terrorism when they refused to give the funeral prayer for the three London attackers.

Valeria Collina Kadhija, the mother of one of the London Bridge attackers, Youssef Zaghba, supports the decision, saying it was the right thing to do.

She said to reporters at her home: “I understand that it is right and dutiful in this moment to give this strong signal. We need this kind of gesture. Because the press accuses Muslims of not taking a stand. But we do.”

“From 2016 there were problems with my son – the fact that he was stopped at Bologna airport [whilst trying to get to Istanbul and then to Syria].

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“He would say to me ‘Come on Mum let’s go live in Syria. Over there, they have a pure Islam.’

“I told him ‘Are you crazy? I have no intention of going to Syria with you or with anyone. I’m fine in my country.'”

“After the whole incident at Bologna airport, I told him ‘You have to be perfect now. You can’t look at strange things on the internet or meet strange people.’ But then when he went back to London…”

When she heard of the attack, she had tried to get in contact with her son, but couldn’t.

“We sent a friend of his to look for him at the house [in London]. At that point I thought that my son was afraid that the police would try to connect him to the attack. I thought he was in hiding.”

But on Tuesday the police came to her house to inform her that her son was one of the attackers. She thinks now of the families of her son’s victims.

“I can understand from my own personal tragedy. But I don’t even have the courage to compare my pain to theirs. It’s as if I were ashamed to say ‘I’m also a mother, I’m also suffering.'”

“It’s a horrible thing. It shouldn’t have happened and it should never happen again. And I’m going to do everything I can to prevent this. We need more education for young people.”