The vice-president of the Obafemi Awolowo University’s student union government, Tosin Jacob, has been accused of stabbing a fellow exco over funds.

Miss Tosin allegedly broke a bottle of Malt and stabbed the the Social Director, Adedayo Emmanuel, in the arm.

the fight started when a meeting was held on how to spend a sum of N3.8m released to the union by the university management.

The student leaders had earlier been accused of misappropriation when they used a previous disbursement of N3m in June to purchase a bus.

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Though the union executive members said the bus was purchased for N2.5m, students of the institution insisted that the bus was bought for N900,000.

During the Tuesday meeting, one of the leaders told PUNCH Metro that the union’s President, Ibukun Edward, asked other executive members for a project that could be financed with the N3.8m.

While the president reportedly suggested the construction of a relaxation centre for the students, the Public Relations Officer, Simon Okediji, reportedly pushed for a library. The Welfare Director, Ajiboye Adekanmi, was said to have asked that a staircase to a major lecture theatre be constructed, among others.

The VP, popularly called Emerald, was said to have proposed that freshmen’s packages should be sponsored with part of the money. Her plan was allegedly rejected.

According to the executive member, who did not want to be named, Emerald flared up and attempted to leave the meeting, but was persuaded to stay till the end.

He said, “She proposed N1.4m for the freshmen’s packages. We told her that when we get the dues for this session, we would look into her suggestion. She flared up and was about leaving the meeting when Lamba (Emmanuel) jokingly told her not to leave and stood on her way. She slapped him twice and held his shirt.

“We separated them and continued with the meeting, but the VP was still angry. After a while, we just saw her rushing to open the refrigerator of the president; she was looking for a bottle. We thought it was a joke and someone pointed her attention to an empty bottle; she smashed it on the table. When the bottle didn’t break, she smashed it on the floor and took a part of the broken bottle, charged at Lamba and stabbed him in the arm. While we struggled to collect the bottle, Lamba also headbutted her.”

However, the PRO of the OAU SUG confirmed the incident.

He said, “What happened is not something we can keep elaborating on. The breaking of a bottle occurred in a meeting held inside the president’s office is not an issue for public consumption and it has been resolved. Even at home and at the federal level, we have misunderstanding. So, we had one here and it has been settled. This is a human setting and anybody can pick an offence.”

Also, the Head of OAU, Students Affairs Division, Prof. Isiaka Aransi, confirmed that N3.8m was released to the union leaders.

“The money has been disbursed. It is their money and it was approved for disbursement,” he added.