A Ghanaian woman has reportedly attempted to kill herself after sending a video of herself playing with herself to a church’s WhatsApp group.

The woman, Osofo Maame, is the wife of the church’s head pastor, and was said to be trying to send the photos to her husband, who was out of town.

In the two separate videos, 58 and 31 seconds respectively, she is seen facing the camera, kneeling, wiggling her waist and handling herself concurrently. That was after she was earlier captured in a bath showcasing her thighs.

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She sent a message that reads “It’s all yours when you return.” Members of the church group who received the photos, videos and message were shocked and outraged.

The incident occurred a week ago, and went viral on the internet. According to reports, Maame tried to kill herself out of embarrassment.

According to Mynewgh, Maame, who has become a subject of public discussion, especially among members of the husband’s church, was reported to have tried drinking a liquid poisonous substance, but was stopped by her family members.

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