Over the past few years, social media has become one of the most important publicity and advertising tools for businesses.

It has also become useful for monitoring what your competition is up to, and at times, getting under their skin a little bit.

One of such scenarios took place today as Peak Milk, produced by FrieslandCampina WAMCO, decided to take on Arla Foods’ Dano Milk.

The two are among the three biggest names in the powdered milk industry in Nigeria, along with Promasidor’s Cowbell milk.

Peak Milk had taken the first shot, jumping on a promotional tweet from Dano Milk.

Dano Milk, in an attempt to pass itself off as classier, described itself as having ‘international exposure.’

Peak Milk was clearly not impressed, and took yet another jab at its rivals.

Who will be next in the Milky Wars?