Nollywood actress Oge Okoye recently had to defend herself after fans on her Instagram page attacked her for wearing a butt pad.

The actress posted a picture of herself flaunting her huge derriere, with many beginning to speculate that she was a wearing a butt pad.

She edited the post’s caption, writing: “How Gullible Can peeps be? Or will I say funny???? Differentiate the Skin from the ButtPad?
It’s just a See-Thru Leggings.”

Oge Okoye

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It looks like it’s all her, but then again I don’t have a Masters degree in Butt Pad Perception.

And given her dog picture brouhaha not-so-long ago, it’s a bit hard to trust Oge Okoye’s photos.

So what say you? Butt pad or nah?