Cable television service, Kwese TV, formally began operations in Nigeria today following the official launch of the service.

The event took place at the Renaissance Hotel in GRA Ikeja, and saw many lucky people win free Kwese TV decoders.

The General Manager of Kwese Nigeria, Lizzie Amkpa did the official introduction, revealing some channels Kwese was bringing to Nigeria like RevoltTV, DreamWorks Animation & Toonami channels.

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kwese launch1

“We deliver premium content anytime, anywhere and for every budget,” she said. Amkpa also added that the launch was nationwide, saying: “We’ve gone live everywhere in Nigeria: North, South, East and West – we’re there!”

Kwese TV CEO Joe Hundah added that one of Kwese’s major edges over the competition was that they had only one bouquet, with 60 premium channels.

The Kwese decoder and dish costs N11,250, and comes with a free one-month subscription. Subsequently, you can however pay for a 3-day, 7-day or 30-day subscription.

Even without a subscription, there are still 3 free channels available to watch on Kwese TV.

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