The Ipokia Local Government Clinic in Iropo, Ogun state, may easily be one of the worst-conditioned health centres in Nigeria and outside the world.

The state of the hospital was first reported by Punch in 2015, with the hospital having only one bed and no toilet facilities.

The report had read:

To make matters worse, the hospital boasts of only one bed to treat a population size of over 10, 000 people – young and old – who rely on it for their medical needs. The facility does not have a toilet and bathroom, forcing patients who visit to defecate in polythene bags and bathe in the open, under a tree behind the hospital. Newly nursing mothers who wish to be cleaned by the hospital staff must have a relation to go in search of water as the facility does not have a functional tap.

The situation remained the same in 2016, when a non-Governmental organization, the Face of Charity visited Ipokia.

According to the NGO:

The clinic cannot pass for a public toilet in a sane society. As terribly looking as this public health centre is, it can’t boast of two bed spaces for the sick. The sick looking building is begging for serious attention and a very quick intervention. Residents travel for hours on motorcycle to Cotonou in Benin Republic to seek medical attention whenever they are ill.

And as photos which surfaced online recently confirm, the hospital’s dilapidated condition and its solitary bed are still the same.

This is very, very sad. See the photos below.