Qatar Airways is set to make its debut flight from Doha, Qatar to Auckland, New Zealand, this weekend.

The flight will be putting Qatar Airways in the record books, as it’d be the longest ever passenger flight.

It will cover a whooping 9,032 miles (14,535 km), and will take 16 hours and 20 minutes. Prevailing jet streams will make the return trip even longer, at 17 hours and 30 minutes.

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To illustrate just how far the two places are apart, travelers will be cross 10 time zones in their journey.

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The flight will cost $1265 (N493,350) for a seat in Economy, with the much pricier Business class costs $4,500 (N1,755,000).

The current longest flight route is Emirates’ Dubai to Auckland, which covers 8,902 miles.

The record might not bear Qatar Airways’ name for long, as Singapore Airlines is reportedly planning to restart its Singapore to New York route next year, which would cover an amazing 9,529 miles.

The record itself is however under contention, as Air India argues that its Delhi -San Francisco flight covers 9,506 miles. However it isn’t regarded because the flight passes over the Pacific Ocean instead of the Atlantic Ocean, making it longer.