Many had hoped that Hillary Clinton would be the first ever elected female president of the United States of America.

This hope was smashed brutally as she suffered a shocking loss to the Republican candidate, Donald Trump.

With many not convinced about the billionaire’s ability to lead a country, a campaign has begun to push Michelle Obama back into the White House.

Michelle showed her outstanding oratory and leadership skills in her 8 years as the First Lady, and many believe she’d make a great president like her husband, Barack. She was also a key part of Clinton’s campaign, giving key speeches during appearances at her events.

Michelle, who turns 53 next year, has already stated that she has no plans to run, but a lot could certainly change over the next 4 years. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, POTUS Obama said: “Michelle was never wild about politics. Michelle once explained to me, ‘I try to organise my life not to have a lot of mess around, and politics is just a big mess.’”

If she does decide to run, she might run against Kanye West, who has previously revealed his decision to contest.

See some tweets from social media pushing for Michelle Obama’s candidacy in 2020.