Despite a ton of people calling for Donald Trump’s Twitter account to be banned, CEO Jack Dorsey has revealed its unlikely to happen.

Many have called for the recently elected president’s account to be banned, for reasons from his inciting tweets to a bid to stop his agenda.

According to Dorsey, Trump’s account won’t be banned despite the reports because it provides a channel for him to be held accountable.

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Dorsey said: : “I think it’s really important that we maintain open channels to our leaders, whether we like what they’re saying or not, because I don’t know of another way to hold them accountable. Any time we have any leader tweet, including Trump, there’s a very interesting and thriving conversation. A mixture of fact checking, disagreement, agreement, and some random things.”

“We are going to hold all accounts to the same standards. Our policy does [account for] newsworthiness as well, and that was requested by our policy team,” Dorsey said, when asked if he could consider a tweet from Trump “unacceptable” and banworthy.

“So we’re not taking something down that people should be able to report on and actually show that this is what the source said. It’s really important to make sure that we provide that source for the right reporting, and to minimize bias in articles.”