The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Maiduguri, Professor Abubakar Njodi has revealed the school will not be closing despite two suicide bomb attacks today.

A professor of the university was among 5 casualties of the twin suicide attacks, which took place around 5:30am on Monday morning.

Students of the institution are currently writing their first semester exams, and Njodi said that the exams would continue tomorrow.

“I can convince the senate, the management and the university community to close the school to save lives,” he said when visited by the Theatre Commander of Operation Lafiya Dole, Maj.-Gen. Lucky Irabor.

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“But if we do that, we are not helping because we have to give the security our maximum support and our support is not to join them in the battle field.

“If we run away, that means there is nobody they should be fighting for. We should stay and resolve it, after all the war is about us, western education.”

“If we stay, the terrorists will be frustrated because that is their aim.

“What is the point of fighting for us if we run? We should stand our ground so that the military will be proud that the people they are fighting for are on ground.

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“Therefore, our decision is not to close the university. We want to assure you our theatre commander, the university remains open and we will continue with our examinations tomorrow.

“We suspended the exams for today because we want the military to come and access what happened,” Njodi said.

In an uncomfirmed report, a third suicide bomber was killed at a village just behinf the school, before she could detonate her IED.

The villagers had spotted the 12-year old girl, and had alerted military forces, who took her down before disabling the device.