A member of the House of Representatives in the United States of America, Joe Barton has had to apologize after lewd pictures of him surfaced on social media.

In a statement, he revealed that he had been in a consensual relationship with the woman who had leaked the photo.

“While separated from my second wife, prior to the divorce, I had sexual relationships with other mature adult women. Each was consensual. Those relationships have ended.

“I am sorry I did not use better judgment during those days. I am sorry that I let my constituents down,” the statement read.

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The photos had shown Barton’s privates, along with a message reading: “I want u soo bad. Right now. Deep and hard”

Their relationship had ended in 2015, and in a recorded phone call, Barton had warned her to never share the materials.

“This woman admitted that we had a consensual relationship. When I ended that relationship, she threatened to publicly share my private photographs and intimate correspondence in retaliation. As the transcript reflects, I offered to take the matter to the Capitol Hill Police to open an investigation. Today, the Capitol Police reached out to me and offered to launch an investigation and I have accepted.”

“The woman said she never had any intention to use the materials to retaliate against Barton,” the Washington Post however reported. The woman also told the newspaper she did not post the image of Barton that appeared on Twitter Tuesday.