Former Niger-Delta militant Asari Dokubo has joined the group of people pushing the ridiculous idea that President Muhammad Buhari was cloned in the United Kingdom.

The President had spent about 4 months on medical leave in the United Kingdom, and Dokubo claims that was when he was cloned.

In an independence day video to his supporters, he said:  “A lot of people have been wishing me happy Independence but I told them not to, because I’m not a Nigerian.

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“So this man they have in Aso Rock was speaking, even from his voice, you will know that he was cloned.

“You know that there is this thing called cloning, most western judo-Christian country pretend to say they banned human cloning except for the purpose of research into health and to save life.

“So we will not be surprised if they did some sort of cloning in all the period this man was incubating in Abuja House in London.

“The way he was talking, you will notice that he was trying to mimic the original one but he didn’t succeed, we were not deceived.”

Watch the video below.