President Muhammad Buhari was a happy man (I think), as he gave away his daughter, Fatima, in marriage.

The wedding held in the president’s home-town of Daura, Katsina. Fatima’s groom was Mallam Yau Gimba Kumo, a former Managing-Director of the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria.

Gombe and Bauchi state governors Alhaji Ibrahim Dankwambo and Alhaji Muhammad Abubakar were in town for the ceremony, as well as a ton of ministers, senators and other high-ranking government officials.

Must have been real nice.

Many have raised eyebrows that there might be more than love involved in this particular union. This is because Kumo, at 57, is way older than Fatima. Also, she’s going to be his 4th wife.

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This doesn’t seem to be all, as one of the elder wives, Gimba Aishatu, is reportedly unhappy with having the daughter of a sitting president as competition. Her Instagram account is full of posts which, according to our dictionary, fall right under: shade.

Anyways, we’re happy for her! Marriage is a pretty awesome thing. Watch scenes from the wedding below, courtesy, Punch.