A new world record has been set for solving a Rubik’s cube, and it actually quite unbelievable.

20-year old Mats Valk set the new record at the Jawa Timbur Open 2016, which held in Blitar, Indonesia over the weekend. The Dutchman picked up the cube, examining it first. He then started his timer, and 4.74 seconds later, ended it.

Mats Valk - Rubik's Cube

Gone in 4.74 seconds – Mats Valk sets a new speedcube record

The new time easily set a record, and applause and cheering could be heard as he stood up.

“4.74 Rubik’s cube world record! Hooooly s***,” Valk wrote on his Facebook page much later.

Watch Valk’s record-breaking solution below!