A white teacher in Seattle has been suspended by the school authorities after his Michael Jordan Halloween costume was deemed cultural appropriation.

Peter Colino had worn a Michael Jordan rubber mask, his Chicago Bulls jersey, a sweat band and black gloves to the Ingraham High School, where he taught Maths.

Colino is a huge fan of the NBA great, and had won the same costume every Halloween for the past 18 years.  A video of him had spread on social media, and a parent had complained after seeing it. The parent had claimed that Colino’s outfit was an example of cultural appropriation.

Colino has already apologized, saying his only intent was to honor Jordan and also excite his students. The package also includes showing them a 5-minute reel of the greatest plays from Jordan’s career.

“He is, to me, the greatest, I’m going to say, athlete of all time and my whole deal is to honor Michael Jordan,” Colino told Kiro 7.

After apologizing to the students, Colino was then told that he was being put on administrative leave, pending the outcome of an investigation.

Now, let’s just take a breather.

What exactly is cultural appropriation? According to Wikipedia, Cultural appropriation is “the adoption or use of elements of one culture by members of another culture.”

So since when the Michael Jordan’s 23 jersey become a cultural heritage that cannot be touched by other cultures?

At times, I really can’t deal with this world.