Oprah Winfrey may have raised the hopes of many Americans after insinuating that she may one day run for office.

This happened during an interview with Bloomberg Media’s David Rubenstein, where the media mogul was asked if she had presidential ambitions.

“Given the popularity you have, we haven’t broken the glass ceiling yet for women, that you could actually run for president and actually be elected,” Rubenstein asked Oprah to audience applause.

She responded: “I … I actually never thought that that was … I never considered the question, even a possibility, I just thought ‘oh’.”

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Rubenstein added: “Because it’s clear that you don’t need government experience to be elected president.”

Oprah responded: “That’s what I thought I though ‘oh gee I don’t have the experience I don’t know enough’, and now I’m thinking ‘oh ..'”

Many interpreted this as Oprah seriously considering it, but her best friend, television personality Gayle King has stated that it’s just a joke.

“I was in the audience that day and it was clearly a joke when she was playing with David [Rubenstein] because they have such a great rapport,” she explained on CBS This Morning on Thursday.

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“I also heard on the Oprah Winfrey Show you always have the right to change your mind. But I would bet my first, second-born and any unborn children to come, that ain’t never happening.”

“Never say never,” said guest co-host and CBS news correspondent, Anthony Mason to which King replied. “I’ll say never on this one. Nevah. N-E-V-A-H. Nevah,”