The world’s oldest man, Francisco Nunez Olivera, passed away on Monday night at the very ripe age of 113.

He died in his home in the village of Bienvenida in Badajoz, south-west Spain. He is due to be buried in his native village around 5.30 this afternoon.

Bienvenida mayor Antonio Carmena confirmed Francisco’s death this morning, describing it as a “shame for the entire village and the whole world.”

He told local media: “In recent years he has meant a lot to us, he has represented our village and he has helped make us known and loved.”

Local officials declared a day of mourning to mark Francisco’s death.

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The Spaniard, who has four children, nine grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren, was 113 on December 13.

The widower’s daughter Maria Antonia, 82, was among those who spent the anniversary with him at his home. She was understood to have been with him last night when he died.

Francisco, who has two siblings aged 97 and 93, became the world’s oldest man after the death of Polish-born Israeli Yisrael Kristal on August 11.

He started to read again aged 98 after a cataract operation, one of only two occasions he has been to hospital, according to relatives.

Relatives attributed his longevity to a diet based on vegetables he grew on his own land and a daily glass of red wine.

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