The government of Zimbabwe is reportedly considering a number of possible steps to reduce the abuse of alcohol in the country.

A new law is being proposed, which will limit the times in which alcohol can be sold, as well as the people it can be sold to.

The new law will particularly target motor vehicle drivers, who will face arrest if found driving with blood alcohol concentration levels going beyond 0.08 per 100ml, The Zimbabwe Mail reports.

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According to Sunday Mail, another Zimbabwean newspaper, retailers found selling the drink to expectant women will also be prosecuted.

The policy recommends that alcohol advertisements should be done at least 100 metres away from a road intersection, school, clinic, hospital, church and old people’s homes.

“Policies are there to give guidance to the general populace and various stakeholders. The reduction of alcohol abuse can be done partly through the law but the rest will be through moral suasion,” the newspapers quoted health adviser in the office of the president, Timothy Stamps as saying.