In what is not that surprising of a result, a recent study has shown that straight women record the least orgasms of all sexual groups.

The study shows an “orgasm gap”, with 95% of straight men achieving orgasms, as compared to just 65% in straight women.

The study was led by David A. Frederick, assistant professor of psychology at Chapman University. It is titled “Differences in Orgasm Frequency Among Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Heterosexual Men and Women in a U.S. National Sample,” and had input from Indiana University and the Kinsey Institute.

“There’s been a lot of research on orgasm frequency, but there isn’t very much data that includes how both gender and sexual orientation relate to orgasm frequency,” Frederick said to the Sydney Morning Herald.

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“There are actually multiple orgasm gaps,” Frederick said. “The gap between all men and all women – meaning all groups of men orgasm more frequently than all groups of women – the gap between lesbian women and heterosexual women, and the gap between lesbian women and all men.”

According to the study, men achieve orgasms more than women, with straight, bisexual and gay men all having higher orgasm rates than lesbian women, who have the highest orgasm rates among women at 86%.

The study aimed to also ascertain the reason behind the numbers, with Frederick revealing that oral sex  and length of sex play a major part in orgasms.

“Receiving oral sex is by far the strongest predictor of how frequently women orgasm,” Frederick said. “The second strongest predictor is how long sex lasted – meaning from the time you start being sexually intimate, not just intercourse.”

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Frederick also revealed that partners who communicated about what they wanted in bed were more likely to achieve orgasm.

“Of the women who usually-to-always orgasm, 45 per cent had explicitly asked for something they wanted in bed in the past month,” Frederick said. “Among women who never-to-rarely orgasm, 25 per cent had asked for something they wanted in bed in the last month.”

Other factors that could help include praising their partner for something they did in bed, and engaging in “sexy talk” or expressions of love during sex.