England midfielder Adam Lallana has called on the Football Association to quickly appoint Gareth Southgate as the team’s new manager.

Southgate occupies the role in an interim position, having replaced Sam Allardyce, who was sacked barely weeks into his tenure.

Reports suggest that Southgate will most likely be offered the job after the current international break, and Liverpool star Lallana wants the process sped up.

Lallana said: “I think everyone is – even Gareth himself probably.  We are looking forward to doing well for him and fighting for him over the next two games.

“You need stability. What you don’t have at England is the time that you get at club level. You can’t prepare for a campaign as you would for a League over the course of the season. It’s not possible, so it’s a different challenge.

“I’m sure Gareth will want to take on that challenge and we are ready to fight for him in the matches. Hopefully, he will do well enough to get the job on a permanent basis.

“It would be nice for Gareth and for us to know quite soon whether he’s going to get the job on a permanent basis, so you can build towards having a certain identity that your manager wants you to have.

“That’s what a manager is there for. I’m sure over the next few days he will be telling us what he wants for the Scotland and Spain games. Eventually it would be nice for him in the longer term to put a structure in place.

“For quite a few years now we’ve not done brilliantly at major tournaments, so it’s up to us to maybe find an identity.

“Whether it’s the mental side of the game at tournaments that we’re struggling to cope with, we need to overcome that. By good hard work, I think we can do that.”

What do you think though?  Would Gareth Southgate make a good England manager?