Novak Djokovic is suffering a rough patch of form, but his coach Andre Agassi has revealed that he would play through it to recover his best.

Djokovic has failed to reach the semi-finals in the last 4 Grand Slams, something which hasn’t happened since 2007.

Many people – including former world No. 1 Mats Wilander – have advised the Serbian superstar to take a break after Wimbledon to help recover his form.

But Agassi, who began working with Djokovic at the French Open last month, says Djokovic is motivated to do the hard work required now, rather than later. “What’s really beneficial is being clear,” Agassi said.

“A break isn’t beneficial if you’re not giving yourself a break because you know you want to be doing something else.

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“Playing isn’t beneficial when you’re spent and you feel like you need a break and your team’s pushing you to play. So does he need a break? No, I think he’s ready and he has clear objectives.”

“You’ve got to remember my history coming into this – I’ve seen behind the curtain so I don’t look at these guys as machines,” said the 47-year-old American who won eight grand slam titles. “I knew what I was getting into. I knew it was a daunting task to care about somebody and care about him enough to show reservations. It’s easy to say this is how you play your best tennis but he knows that, everybody knows,” he added.

“We all go through that as former number one players in the world or champions who have gotten over the finishing line.

“We all go through that and I think I went through that as extreme as anybody.”

Agassi said he was confident Djokovic would find a way back to his best, sooner rather than later.

“I’m learning (about) somebody who has many more skills than me and a huge heart – the heart of a lion – and the work ethic of a soldier,” he said.

“It’s beautiful tools to work with. I can honestly say the hardest part about winning Wimbledon, the French or any of the slams, with his skill-set would be sleeping at night because I’d be excited to play the next day.”