Chelsea boss Conte okay with alcohol

Chelsea manager Antonio Conte has revealed he doesn’t mind his players having alcohol to celebrate victories, saying it’s good for the body.

Blues striker Diego Costa  has been seen drinking beer after Chelsea’s wins against Tottenham and West Brom, and Conte revealed he has no problems with it.

“[It is good] for rehydration, you can drink Coca-Cola or one beer,” he said at a news conference at Cobham Training Centre. “It’s good for recovery. But one. Not a lot. It’s good. After you finish the game, quickly, not an hour after the end.

“I have great professionals in my players. In this case, I don’t think a coach or a manager can say: ‘Do this’ or ‘Don’t do this’. I have great professionals and I know they will have the better attitude and behaviours in this situation.”

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Chelsea have won 9 straight games in the league, with Costa’s 12 goals the highest currently in the league. As they enter the busy Christmas schedule, Conte has revealed plans for the players to celebrate with their families.

“I think Christmas is a particular day, and the best thing is to stay with your family,” said Conte.

“It’s important to celebrate Christmas, yes, in the right way. Because, then, the next day we will play against Bournemouth, a tough game. But I think that Christmas is right to celebrate with your family.

“No, I must be honest, I’d prefer they stayed at home and celebrated with the family. Rather than have a great party. On the 26th we play the game. We are preparing to celebrate with our families during the week before Christmas, to stay together with our children, with our families.”

A lot of Nigerian footballers would certainly love to play for Conte. Hehe.