Floyd Mayweather Jr. has revealed he’s not particularly confident if his much talked-about fight with Conor McGregor would eventually happen.

There have been a number of stumbling blocks in the fight from reasons such as financial pay-outs, but the legendary boxer has revealed that he’s very patient.

“The only thing I do is have patience. No-one thought the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight would happen, but I had patience,” Mayweather told ESPN.

“Do I believe the fight is going to happen. I really don’t know when, as of right now. But me and my side…we are ready to go.

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“They sign on the dotted line, and [we start] at training camp…’Ready to go’ is when they sign.

“The hold up is that Conor McGregor has a baby that’s due. After the baby is due we can go from there.”

McGregor and long-time partner Dee Devlin welcomed their first child together over the weekend, with the MMA star not expected to fight anytime soon.

He had previously stated that he’d be taking a break when the baby comes, and hasn’t fought since November 2016.

UFC boss Dana White has also revealed that the negotiations have been a “nightmare,” saying the fight might take longer than ever to organize.

“I’m not hinting that it’s getting close. I knew this was going to be a nightmare to get done,” White said. “If it can even be done. We’ll find out. Obviously both guys want to fight each other, but you know, what’s the deal? Can the deal be done? That’s the question.”

He added that if the negotiations couldn’t be concluded on time, he’d pull the plug on it.

He said: “It’s not even Mayweather. It’s not even Mayweather, it’s definitely both sides. It’s not just Mayweather, it’s both sides of this thing are going to be hard to get done. And absolutely, there’s going to be a point where I’m done. This isn’t what I do, this isn’t my business, and I’m definitely going to walk away.”