Chelsea manager Antonio Conte has revealed he is happy that star players Thibaut Courtois and Eden Hazard are being linked to Real Madrid.

Speaking to press ahead of Chelsea’s Premier League clash with Crystal Palace, the Italian said he wasn’t angry over the transfer rumors surrounding his players.

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“No, obviously no. I think it’s positive. When other top teams want your players, it means we are doing a really good job together with the players. That’s great. We must be proud of this. It means we have good players who are doing a good job. I think that now we are already in a great club with great ambitions. We want to build something important for the present and the future.”

“We have great experience of facing this situation, and so do my players. It’s normal to start rumors about our players at this stage of the season. It means we are doing a great job, so I’m happy. If Chelsea’s players are linked with other teams, it means they are doing very well.” he said.