FIFA’s recent introduction of a 48-team World Cup was one of the biggest changes the body has introduced in recent times.

And that may not be all.

According to FIFA’s Director General for Technical Development, the legendary Marco van Basten, there may be a couple more shocking changes coming. In an interview with BILD, Van Basten shared some of these proposed changes. They include:

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Removal of the offside rule: Van Basten said: “This is now my personal opinion: I am very curious as football would work without a side. I fear many people will be against it. I would be for it, because the football now resembles more and more the handball. Nine players plus goalkeeper make the penalty area dense, which is like a wall. It is very difficult to get through. All teams rely on the same effective tactics: from a stable defense. Without offside, the strikers could be behind the defenders, which would be much more difficult. If they move far back in front of their goal, the attacker will have more opportunities for distance shots. This would make the game more attractive, the attackers would have better chances, more goals would be scored. That’s what the fans want to see. In field hockey, the offside has been abolished, and there are no problems. The teams would also adapt to it in football. ”

Replacing yellow cards with time punishments: Van Basten argued that yellow cards do not impact the defending team much, and could possibly be replaced with in game suspensions. He said, “One idea is to replace the yellow card with a time penalty of five or ten minutes. That frightens team. It is more difficult with 10 against 11, let alone with 8 or 9.”

Other proposed changes include a change to the method of taking penalties, and a system to control time wasting in late games.

What do you think of these? Do you approve?