Third division German side Fortuna Koln, like almost every club in the world, would like Cristiano Ronaldo to play for them.

Koln do not however have the finances to pay the Portuguese legend, so they are tempting him with something else: a lifetime supply of beer.

Ronaldo is rumoured to be seeking a shock move away from Real Madrid due to his unhappiness over scrutiny of his tax situation in Spain.

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The club posted on Twitter: “Hey @Cristiano, we’re still looking for a striker – we don’t have money, but we can offer you free Kolsch for life.”

Kölsch is a beer brewed in Cologne, Germany. It is a clear, top-fermented beer with a bright, straw-yellow hue similar to other beers brewed from mainly Pilsener malt.

Everybody knows about Ronaldo’s dedication to his body though, so, sorry Fortuna.