Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola might end his first season without a trophy, and he says that should be the norm.

Guardiola, who won 7 trophies each in his first two seasons with Bayern Munich and Barcelona, said even one trophy should be considered a feat.

“I think exceptional other managers in the world sometimes don’t win titles in a season,” Guardiola said ahead of his side’s home game with Liverpool on Sunday.

“That is the normal situation all around the world. The exception is my career. I’m sorry, but that is exceptional.

“So of course we want to win titles. Everyone wants to win titles. We fight for that, we play for that. When that happens we improve and next season we come back and try to win titles.”

Guardiola’s only feasible hope of silverware is the FA Cup, where they face Arsenal in the semi-finals.

“The boss, the chairman, the sporting director, they are going to decide what’s best for the club,” he told reporters at City’s training base.

“Of course my job depends on winning titles or not and if we’re not winning titles, they judge me about the results. If it’s not good they are going to say ‘bye-bye’.

“I didn’t come here just to have fun and play good. I want to win. I’d be happier to be involved in the draw for the Champions League (quarter-finals).

“That is normal. But it can happen for any manager in the world and that sometimes you don’t win. That I know.”

He added: “In Barcelona and Bayern Munich, when we went out of the Champions League I know what they said. Sometimes it’s not easy to accept that, but it’s part of my job.

“I will try to learn from that, speak to the people that are close to me and make the team better next season. That’s all.

“Now we have to fight to win games to qualify for the Champions League and for the semi-finals of the FA Cup.”

People had expected City to be favorites for the league when Guardiola joined, but he made it clear that he didn’t promise anybody titles.

“People believe Pep is sitting here so now they are going to win the title. Easy. You are wrong,” he said.

“I never said we are going to win one title. I never said I was going to win the treble, I never said I was going to win the double. I never said that.

“I never said that in my first day at Barcelona, sitting there. I promised a lot of work. Few guys can beat me at that. I work. I am so proud of that. But I never promise titles, never in my life.

“Even when I went to Bayern Munich and they won the treble with Jupp Heynckes. Never. Just work. And to be assured they are going to play the way I want. The only I power I have is this.”