Following Barcelona’s 1-1 draw with Valencia, manager Ernesto Valvarde has advocated that the league introduce video assistant refereeing.

Lionel Messi had a goal controversially ruled out, even though replays showed that the ball crossed the line and that the goal should have been awarded.

The game ended in a draw between the league’s top two sides, and Valverde admits that the league needs video refereeing.

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“I think we all agree that in these plays so evident, the topic of VAR is not about re-refereeing the games, but it was clear that it had crossed and that we are still with this issues puts us on the spot,” he said.

“The other day against Malaga there was a ball that went out, we scored and it benefited us.”

He added: “We were in total control in the first half and we had a goal canceled. In the second half, Valencia decided to pressure us and move forward more.

“Their goal hurt us, so we moved forward to attack more. The canceled goal damaged us and it was the wrong decision by the assistant referee.”