LaVar Ball has announced that he will be withdrawing youngest son LaMelo from the Chino Hills high school to home school him.

“I’m going to make him the best basketball player ever,” LaVar said.

The future is already bright for LaMelo, who scored 92 points in a game for the Huskies last year. His eldest brother Lonzo is a rookie point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, while LiAngelo is a freshman at UCLA.

“It’s good for Melo,” LaVar said. “Less distractions. He just needs to focus.” His main reason for the decision appears to the Huskies new coach, Dennis Latimore. 

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“I’m not dealing with the coach over there,” Ball told ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne. “I’m not dealing with the administration over there. I don’t want no distractions on Melo.

“So therefore I’m going to home school him and make him the best basketball player ever.

“It’s a new coach and I don’t like him one bit. He’s on track for UCLA, but he doesn’t have to be dealing with those knuckleheads. I’m not letting them mess with his head anymore. You can put that on the principal and the coach over there.”

Former head Coach Steve Baik, who guided Chino Hills to 35-0 record two seasons ago before leaving for Fairfax, said, “A year ago, a few months ago, I thought this could never happen. I am really disappointed it couldn’t have worked out better for LaMelo and all the players. They’re really good kids. If I knew it was going to end up this way, maybe I wouldn’t have left. I didn’t foresee this happening.”

Baik said, “In basketball terms, he’s going to be fine. They know what it takes, and they have the right people to tell him the exact things to get better. They’ve done things differently. It’s worked for him. It’s not going to work for everybody.