Iconic Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao has revealed that he’d be ready to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr., should he ever come out of retirement.

Pacquiao himself had retired from the sport, but came back in November. He beat American boxer Jessie Vargas in his first fight back, winning the WBO welterweight title by a unanimous points decision.

“I don’t know when my career will end,” he said after coming out of retirement.

“I realised I felt lonely inside because … I am no longer active in the sport of boxing. I asked myself if I can still fight, and I decided to come back and continue the journey of my career.”

“I can still fight and my body is still okay, so I decided to come back and I’m here.”

Pacquiao won election into his country’s senate in May, and stated that politics was his main concern now.

“Actually, we are not talking about or discussing about my next fight because I am so busy working in the office as a senator,” he said. “That’s my focus right now.”

“If he (Mayweather Jr.) comes back into boxing there is a possibility, but right now we are not talking or discussing about that.”

He added that if the rematch did happen, he was confident of winning, saying “Yes, of course.”

Sadly, Mayweather Jr. has stated that he has no plans to come out of retirement. Sorry, Pacman.