Former UEFA president Michel Platini has accused former FIFA president Sepp Blatter of taking him down with him.

Both men were handed 8 year bans from football after a FIFA ethics committee decided that a payment of £1.3m from Blatter to Platini was against its codes.

The bans were later cut to 6 for both men, with Platini’s reduced to 4 years later.

Speaking to French newspaper Le Monde, Platini revealed that Blatter had thrown him under the bus, and had tried to save only himself.

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He said: “Blatter does not defend anyone else, he never defended me. He’s the most selfish person I have seen in my life.

“He’s the biggest egoist I’ve ever seen. He thought he would grow old, finish, die and be buried in Fifa. It was his wish.

“He always said I would be his last scalp. I know he was fixated on me, to the end. Don’t always believe what Blatter says. He’ll always tell you what you want to hear but he’s an exceptional political animal.”

Platini still denies any wrongdoing in the affair that led to the ban, and hinted that the matter was not done yet.