Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook has broken the NBA record for the most triple-doubles achieved in one regular season.

The record, which stood at 41, was set by Oscar Robertson in 1962. Westbrook had tied the record last week, and broke it with an amazing performance over the Denver Nuggets.

Westbrook scored 50 points, and added 16 rebounds and 10 assists as the Thunder earned a hard fought win over the Nuggets.

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It’s Westbrook’s 3rd 50-point triple double, and a record that cements his place in history with one of the greatest regular season performances ever.

The match had meant nothing because the Thunder are locked into the 6th seed, but Westbrook kept pushing and pulled them out of a 13-point deficit.

“I only know one way to play. I don’t know any other way to play,” Westbrook said after the game on why he kept playing, why he brought that kind of performance at that moment. “When I get on the floor, I try to leave everything I have regardless of seedings, records, time of day, it doesn’t matter to me.”

Despite all this, Westbrook is still not a sure-fire candidate for the MVP award. There is still a case to be made for James Harden, who’s averaging impressive numbers as well, and has led the Houston Rockets to a better win record than the Thunder.