Iconic Premier League defender Sol Campbell has offered to help coach Manchester City’s highly-rated young star, John Stones.

22-year old Stones has been touted one of the best English prospects in recent times, and Manchester City were forced to shell out £47.5 million for his signature last summer.

The transfer fee put an added spotlight on the former Everton star, and his mistakes have been constantly pounced on by the media and critics. The most recent of these was during City’s 0-4 loss to Everton last weekend.

Campbell, who was a star defender for Tottenham Hotspurs and Arsenal, told Daily Mail that Stones was trying to do too much, and he could help him mature.

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He told the Daily Mail: “Let me get up to Manchester City and help Stones out, turn it around for him.

“I could probably turn around Stones in a couple of months. He’s made mistakes because he’s doing too much. It’s all about recognising that. If that’s the way I get in to start off, that’s what I want to do. I’d love to do that.”

The ex-England centre-half added: “Vincent Kompany would be a big thing for him. Stones can learn from him. That’s how you learn, with the manager and with good players around you.

“If you’re clever as a young player you listen and you watch other top players in your position. You ask questions, you see how they deal with scenarios. As a top player, you have to do that as well, play your game but coach others around you.

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“Stones needs teaching. He cost £50 million but that’s not his fault — he needs someone to go through motions and scenarios and battles with him. Go through easy games and make sure you’re still on it.

“Sometimes you think it’s an easy game and that’s when you’re most vulnerable. As a defender you’ve got to always be alert, you’ve got to be expecting the unexpected and I don’t think he’s doing it now.”