The much-anticipated boxing clash between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder ended in a draw after an epic night of boxing.

It was a stunning fight with several twists and turns, two knockdowns and a moment of pure courage in the final round.

Fury returned in his first meaningful bout since losing his way after dethroning long-time champ Wladimir Klitschko and put on a masterful performance outside his two moments of carelessness that put him on his backside.

Wilder proved again he has the most dangerous hands in the sport by eking out a draw in a fight he was largely outboxed courtesy of two incredible shots that floored Fury.

Neither man appeared overly disappointed with the draw — one judge awarded the fight to Wilder 115-111, one had it 114-110 to Fury and the other had it a 113-113 draw — although they both claimed victory.

The draw ignited fury from the boxing world, who felt that Fury deserved the victory.

Fury’s trainer Ben Davison carried the rage into an interview with BBC Radio 5 live.

Floyd Mayweather’s walked out this arena disgusted, that says it all, you know to take something away from someone that’s come from hell and back, to ruin the biggest comeback in boxing history, probably in sporting history, that is a disgrace,” Davison said.

“Honestly disgraceful. Everybody in boxing knows Tyson’s story and we weren’t asking for any bias, we wanted and fair crack of the whip, that’s all we asked for from start to finish and we haven’t got that.”

Mayweather was interviewed by Showtime after the seventh round and had Fury up 7-0.

He could only shake his head after the result was read out.