Heavyweight superstar Tyson Fury has revealed that he will only fight Anthony Joshua if the money is split 50-50.

Fury’s trainer Ben Davison has slammed the WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight champion for looking at the fight like a business and arguing over percentages.

Fury wants to fight the 29-year-old before a potential rematch with Wilder, but it will have to be split down the middle.

Speaking to IFL TV, he said: “Their [Eddie Hearn and Anthony Joshua] problem is making the fight [with Deontay Wilder] is they’re looking at it too much as a business fight.

“It depends on what your goal is.

“If your goal is to make as much money as possible, then yeah negotiate it out, fight to the death over the last few percent, whatever it is.

“In my eyes, if you want to make the fight, it’s 50-50, if two champions are coming together.”

The trainer has claimed that the fight is at risk of never happening if they continue to argue over percentages.

He added: “It’s 50-50 if you want to make the fight, because you will end up in a situation where we did with Lennox Lewis and Riddick Bowe. We may never see that fight.

“I believe Joshua wants that [Wilder] fight, but I believe his team’s views will say to him, ‘Okay, this is what you’re worth, and this is what Wilder’s worth, if this fight generates this, you should earn this amount’.

“Ok, is it just business to you, because if it is, no problem. You may never get the fight.”

“It’s all about credibility and status. If he [Joshua] wants a fight against the other two [Wilder and Fury], it’s going to have to be 50-50, because neither of them are going to make it.”

“No one wants to give an inch. It might be different if he were making Floyd Mayweather money.

“If he wants to make that fight, it’s 50-50. He needs to stop looking at this like a business, and stop arguing about percentages, this man’s worth and that man’s worth.

“His biggest payday is with them two. Let the fans get what the fans want. That’s how I see it. It depends on how they want it.”

And he believes that Wilder’s reputation has been damaged following Fury’s impressive display on December 1.

Davison added: “His credibility as a champion has dropped, because a high percentage of people thought Tyson won the fight.

“They need that fight to rebuild their credibility. Whether we want it, but they now need us, because we know we won that fight, as a lot of people do.”

And he stated that he would prefer the rematch with Wilder to take place in a stadium in the UK after the last showdown in America.

He said: “For us to go over there, it’s got to match the reward. If not, then we’re looking at it [Wilder vs Fury rematch] potentially over here. If it’s over here, it needs to be a stadium fight.”

But Davison has called for AJ, who boasts a remarkable 22-0 record, to step up and take on the undefeated American.

The trainer said: “I’d like to see Joshua-Wilder. It needs to happen.

“I think it should be a good fight, as long as it lasts. Tyson stepped up and did what he done. I think it’s time for Joshua to step up.”

Promoter Eddie Hearn recently claimed Fury is an option for Joshua’s fight at Wembley on April 13 if Wilder does not agree.

But Davison confirmed: “They’ve not made contact with us about making a fight with us.”