Infinix recently released the 5th entry of its Hot series, the Hot 5.

The device, aimed at entry-level Android users, boasts of a 2GB RAM, 16GB of internal memory, an 8-megapixel rear camera and finger print scanning.

But its best features are undoubtedly the battery and the speakers.

The battery packs 4000 mAh of juice, and combined with Android Nougat and XOS’s Power app, gives you at least a full day of usage. Despite the lack of fast charging technology, the device still charges at a pretty decent rate.

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It doesn’t heat up too much after prolonged usage, and maintains a relatively cool temperature.

The Hot 5’s speakers are also incredibly good. The sound quality produced is amazing for an entry-level device, and the new placement of the speaker grilles on both ends of the screen put the sound right in front of you, and the effect is awesome.

The phone was tagged as a Mobile Cinema during its launch, and it definitely lives up to its name thanks to Dirac’s 3D Stereo Surround technology.

And at just N35,000, these are certainly great reasons to get this device.