As more and more people begin to get on the Home Assistant trend, more companies are developing their own products.

The latest of these products is LG’s Hub Robot, which it revealed at CES 2017. Like most home assistants, Hub Robot can play music and tell you the weather.

You can also use it to start your vacuum cleaner and pre-heat your oven, but this will only work if they are all LG devices and are connected to the internet.

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“It can pre-heat your oven,” LG’s vice-president of marketing, home appliances & consumer, David VanderWaal said, and “initiate your robot vacuum cleaner when you leave the house”.

LG was quoted by The Verge as saying: “The Hub Robot is designed to respond to consumers using body language, such as nodding its head when answering simple questions, and is always aware of activities inside the home, such as when family members leave, come home and go to bed.”

“And because the Hub Robot is able to distinguish different family members’ faces with its camera, it can be programmed with a different greeting for each family member.”

Washing machines and refrigerators will also be able to be controlled by the Hub Robot.

The Hub Robot will go on sale this year, and will compete with the already existing Amazon Echo and the Google Home. There are two sizes, a smaller one meant for homes, and a larger mobile one meant for airports and hotels.

LG's Hub Robot