Facebook aspires to be the alpha and omega of the internet, and have done their best to buy or copy from the competition, to great success.

The company owns the most widely used messaging service in Whatsapp, and the most popular photo and video sharing service in Instagram.

It has now set its sights on the job and employment industry, as it introduces its latest feature, Jobs on Facebook.

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The new feature is seen as Facebook’s attempt to wrestle the industry from LinkedIn, and will allows businesses post job adverts on their pages.

According to Small Business Trends,

With the new feature, jobs will now show up in potential applicants’ newsfeeds, allowing businesses to reach people that might have not otherwise been aware of the open position. When an applicant clicks the “Apply Now” button, a form with some of the pre-populated info will appear, making the application process as simple as posting the job itself.

If the service gains widespread usage, it could become a serious problem for LinkedIn, who will struggle to match Facebook’s 1-billion user base.