When you copy someone once and it turns out well, you have to keep copying them forever. And that’s exactly what Facebook is doing.

After it successfully copied Snapchat’s Stories feature on Instagram, Facebook is taking the feature to its main mobile app.

The feature is unsurprisingly called Facebook Stories (they can’t really be bothered with naming at this point), and is currently available on iOS and Android in Ireland, according to Verge.

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The feature will reportedly be available in other countries in coming months, per Business Insider.

The feature works with Facebook’s recently-introduced in-app camera, and works just like Snapchat’s camera. Users will be able add filters and location tags in the same manner.

“The way people share today is different to five or even two years ago — it’s much more visual, with more photos and videos than ever before,” Facebook said in a statement. “We want to make it fast and fun for people to share creative and expressive photos and videos with whoever they want, whenever they want.”

Content posted in Facebook Stories would only appear on top in the mobile app, but users can also choose to share them to their News Feed.

If Facebook keeps up its successful implementation of Snapchat’s features, it’s going to be tough for Snap Inc. to keep up.