The government of India has made it very clear that driverless cars will not be permitted in the country.

Self-driving cars have become one of the biggest advancements in technology, with many tech giants already developing it on their own.

India’s transport and highways minister, Nitin Gadkari however told reporters today, “We won’t allow driverless cars in India. I am very clear on this.”

His reason for this? They don’t want self-driving cars taking away the jobs for drivers in the country.

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“We won’t allow any technology that takes away jobs. In a country where you have unemployment, you can’t have a technology that ends up taking people’s jobs,” said Gadkari.

“India suffers a huge shortage of 22 lakh drivers… Cab aggregators take advantage of these. We are not going to promote any technology or policy that will render people jobless,” Gadkari said.

Besides, plans were afoot to transform public transportation in the country and replace 1.8 lakh buses across the states with luxury buses, the minister said.

“Talks are on with World Bank and Asian Development Bank (ADB) to help India to replicate the London Transport Authority Model where all the public transportation buses would be replaced by luxury buses and a common man can travel in them by paying about 40 percent less price as compared to current fares,” said Gadkari.

Most companies weren’t planning to introduce self driving cars to India anyways, as  former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick and Google CEO Sundar Pichai both stated that the country’s road network and chaotic traffic would make it difficult for it to be introduced.