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Introducing Hail-A-Tutor: A new way to learn for Nigerian university students

Tope is a student at a Federal University in Nigeria. She struggles at a “borrowed” course she’s registered for and doesn’t know anybody in that faculty who can put her through.

Tope is just one of many students across various Nigerian universities, who are unable to find proper tutors to help them in subject areas they have difficulties with.

All that, however, is a thing of the past.

With Hail-A-Tutor, University students can now meet verified tutors in their campuses who can teach them at their convenience, for a token fee.

The app is created by Gate Academy and lets people register to learn or register to teach and get paid.

“This is the first application that brings personalized tutorial services to Nigerian tertiary institution students,” says Gate Academy co-founder, Tobiloba Afolabi. “This is a Peer-to-peer learning. As students find it easier to learn from fellow students, we connect struggling students with the best students in their faculty, who also get paid for each tutorial session.”

To be eligible for personalized tutoring, one must be an undergraduate at any Nigerian tertiary institution then proceed to sign up on To register as a tutor in a particular course, one must be a student of any Nigerian tertiary institution and must have passed the particular course in flying colors.

The service isn’t just limited to tutoring, and users can also find textbooks, handouts, and other reading material that could help them in their courses.

By using Hail-A-Tutor, you also get information on the latest internship opportunities and scholarships into universities abroad at the tip of your fingertips.

Leave your school problems behind and hail success in your academic life. Visit or today.

For more information or to schedule an interview, please call 07086296002 or 07033583595. You can also email

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