Popular blogger Linda Ikeji has reportedly rejected a $2 million offer for a stake in her new social network, Linda Ikeji Social.

Vanguard reports that the acclaimed blogger rejected the deal because she is yet to fully measure the brand’s value, given it’s young age.

The new social platform has grown quite fast, and the investors were reportedly eager to own a piece of the platform and were ready to pay almost N800 million for it. They had reportedly suggested that the money be put into technical support and publicity for the network to further boost its growth, but the one-time model was reportedly not interested.

Linda Ikeji Social managed to amass over 150,000 new users in jut 3 weeks since its inception, and continues to attract many more with its plenty freebies.

If Miss Ikeji truly did refuse to sell, it is a wise decision. She’s arguably Africa’s richest blogger, and certainly doesn’t need investments to grow her brand. She has rejected many offers in the past, and this time is no different.

And in the words of Vine founder Rus Yusupov, who sold his company to Twitter only to have it closed down four years later: “Don’t sell your company.”