One of the major smartphone brands in Nigeria is Infinix, with many of their devices loved by Nigerians.

If you’re thinking of getting an Infinix device and you want to buy a cheaper, not-so-original one, please don’t.

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These are 5 reasons why you should only buy original Infinix devices from certified dealers.

1. Enjoy XOS – XOS is the customized User Interface by Infinix installed on all Infinix smartphones. This makes the Infinix smartphone more unique than the replica or other smartphones. The UI allows users to optimize their smartphone usage. XOS offers security for your smartphone with specific features, it also offers speed allows multitasking, 3-finger screenshot also grants users access to Xshare, Xcloud and Xclub.

2. Enjoy full warranty – All Original Infinix smartphones come with 13 months warranty, which covers factory issues, updates and others. It does not cover damages done by the user.

3. Software upgrade – OTA Updated are regularly released on Infinix smartphones. The updates are good for your smartphone because they are associated with security patches, helps with software stability on your smartphone, they also help improve smartphone performance and increase smartphone speed. Software updates are often accompanied by new features, which are only available when you purchase the original Infinix smartphone.

4. OS update – Technology is still evolving and always ahead of its users. The original Infinix smartphone offers Android update from the different versions available e.g Android 7.0 Nougat update for Infinix Zero 4, Note 3 and Infinix S2. You can only get the exclusive OS updates when you buy an original Infinix smartphone.

5. Access to after sales support – Infinix offers after sales support on all its smartphones, which is available through Carlcare center with outlets all over Nigeria. Incase your smartphone screen cracks or screen goes blank or other problems Carlcare is the place to go.