With just two days to go until the worldwide release of Football Manager 2017,  fans are almost biting their fingers in anticipation.

The Football Manager franchise is currently in its 13th year, and has developed one of the largest followings for any video game. They consistently manage to make each new version better than its predecessor,  and Football Manager 2017 is no different.

Many of the changes that have been put into Football Manager 2017. Some revolve around the match day screen and 3D game presentation. They include

A Behind-the-goal camera

The behind-the-goal camera is positioned, well, behind the goal posts, and gives a full view of the field, allowing players to monitor their team’s shape and movement. The camera also gives a great view of goal-mouth action, and is perfect for watching replays.

Football Manager 2017 Behind The Goal camera

Football Manager 2017’s Behind-The-Goal camera

Updated laws, improved game motions and much more

One important part of every football game is the fluidity of motion, and that’s something Sports Interactive claims to have improved greatly on in Football Manager 2017. Players move and shoot the ball with more intuition, while keepers now make spectacular saves to prevent goals. The AI has generally been improved, with the players smarter than ever before.

New football rules such as those governing red cards, on-field player treatments and much more have been also been added.

It’s however not all gameplay, as aesthetics such as pre-game handshakes and the ever-popular vanishing spray have also been added to the mix.

New features in Football Manager 2017 New features in Football Manager 2017 New features in Football Manager 2017

More data, more simplicity

Improvements have also been made in Football Manager 2017 outside the match display. The game introduces the role of a Data Analyst, who is a member of the backroom staff, and gives you a bunch of statistical data after games.

Data screen in Football Manager 2017

Football Manager 2017’s all new data screen

Many of the screens have also been simplified, with the tactics and scouting pages now much more easier to understand and use.

Football Manager 2017 Football Manager 2017

Which feature has you excited the most? Football Manager 2017 hits stores on the 4th of November, 2017. You can buy it online here.